Our Security


East Anglia Security UK, Providing peace of mind across the UK.

Retail & Static Security

East Anglia Security UK are suppliers of professional and well managed security guard services meeting individual needs in the growing security sector in the UK.

Mobile Patrol & Mobile Response

We can introduce, professional Mobile Security Patrols keeping extra safe and secure.

CCTV Installation & Monitoring

CCTV equipment can provide an instant alert system as well as acting as a deterrent against crimes such as theft and vandalism. CCTV system incident recording can also provide valuable evidence, therefore improving the likelihood of a conviction.

Corporate (VIP) Protection

East Anglia Corporate/VIP Protection starts with an individual threat assessment and subsequent security plan. Our clients can then be ascertained and then allocated services ranging from a single close protection officer (CPO) or a complete team including vehicles and chauffers.