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East Anglia Security UK, Providing peace of mind across the UK.

Retail & Static Security

East Anglia Security UK are suppliers of professional and well managed security guard services meeting individual needs in the growing security sector in the UK. Our wealth of experience in Retail and Static security enables us to offer a profession security service at an affordable price.

Mobile Patrol & Mobile Response

We can introduce, professional Mobile Security Patrols keeping extra safe and secure. Mobile patrols offer a cost-effective security service available for your premises anytime, day or night.

CCTV Installation & Monitoring

CCTV equipment can provide an instant alert system as well as acting as a deterrent against crimes such as theft and vandalism. CCTV system incident recording can also provide valuable evidence, therefore improving the likelihood of a conviction.

Corporate (VIP) Protection

East Anglia Corporate/VIP Protection starts with an individual threat assessment and subsequent security plan. Our clients can then be ascertained and then allocated services ranging from a single close protection officer (CPO) or a complete team including vehicles and chauffers.

Cleaning & Hygiene Services

East Anglia Security UK are able to offer a commercial, industrial, and domestic cleaning service available 7 days a week. If you’re looking for a cleaning or hygiene service for your property, we can provide a specialised cleaning and hygiene team, and a service tailored to meet your needs.